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Get to know us

Get to know us

We believe that any company must be able to move efficiently, whatever its location, to continue to bring life to the territories . We believe in sharing mobility resources: unused private planes, available professional pilots and airfields throughout the country. We claim the place of private aviation as the local solution to connect all regions in a carbon-free way.

Our commitment

To offer businesses an alternative mobility solution for direct and rapid access to all regions of France and Europe, thanks to our platform that connects them with private aircraft owners and professional pilots.

Our vision

In the short term, light aviation will become a low-impact mobility solution due to its simplicity in land infrastructure and to the decarbonization of small aircrafts.

Currently, little-used planes and aerodromes covering France and Europe constitute unexploited mobility resources, which we wish to put to the service of SMEs and mid-sized companies to optimize their business travel and enable travel with adapted, low-CO2 aircraft.

I'm convinced that we need to be able to work where we feel comfortable, and to do that we need to make the regions accessible and attractive, and provide appropriate travel solutions.

Olivier Bécot, CEO of OpenFly

We bring value to

To businesses

By offering them a simple solution for moving around efficiently.

To professional pilots and aircraft owners

By providing them with a business model for their respective services: piloting and leasing.

To territories

By reviving regional aerodromes and bringing regions closer together.

Ready to join us?

For an exciting adventure, we always need new, passionate talents.

An adventure where we can move the boundaries of mobility, by offering, in the very short term, decarbonized air travel mobility solutions.